Job search and how to use job websites

Most people are familiar with the well known job vacancy websites. But, for career changers the traditional websites present something of a challenge because when making a career change people are somewhat uncertain of which category of employment might interest them. So part of the technique of job search is to find shortcuts in getting to the types of jobs you are looking for. If you have first undertaken some career planning activities it may be easier to find these shortcuts.
While job search websites let us know what jobs are currently available they do not tell us about the prospects of the industry in which the job is located or whether it is one that may be facing shortages of workers in the future. Often they do not tell us the approximate salaries that apply in the particular field and sometimes there is a shortage of information about the type of qualifications that are expected and almost never where it is possible to get those qualifications. We need to turn to other websites to help here.




Job search and finding the best recruitment companies 

Many recruitment companies advertise jobs through the traditional websites such as ‘Career One’ or ‘Seek’ and in the press. But not all recruitment companies do this. Thus part of any “job search” will involve narrowing down recruitment companies to those who specialise in your areas of interest, finding their websites and then searching for jobs. An additional source of  job vacancies are the websites of individual companies.


Job search and the importance of networking

An often quoted statistic is that 80% of jobs are filled by people already known to the organisation employing them. This is why it is important to use and build your networks as a part of your job search. The word ‘networking’ puts a lot of people off. Yet when it is explained in terms of simply getting in touch with people you know well and asking for their ideas about who you might contact or who they know you might contact to find a job, it seems a lot less frightening and imposing. Once you feel confident talking to those you know well about job prospects, you will develop the confidence to search out organisations who you would like to work for and ask them about opportunities in your chosen field and how you might best capitalise on them.